The artistic impression of the permanent church under construction.


Mt. Olives Seventh-day Adventist Church, Naalya was started on 17th January 2009 as a Sabbath school company from the home of Elder Vicent Zirimwabagabo. Construction of the first church building was a temporary structure that started during January 2011.

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By February 2011, the Church had moved from Elder Zirimwabagabo’s residence to its permanent ground and the temporary structure was completed that year.

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In 2013, fundraising for the construction of the permanent church started.

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From the year 2013, tremendous progress has been realized as seen from the images below. The first temporary structure is now currently utilized as the Children’s church, whereas adults worship from the Children’s chapel that will be located in the basement.

SDA Mt Olives Site IMG_20170316_184121 IMG_20170701_095804 IMG_20170723_075202


IMG_9387 IMG_8768


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