By the Communications Department

In a live performance full of vim and vigour, the Mt. Olives Children’s Choir (Young Olives) emphatically launched their “I believe I do DVD”

The lingering question from the very beginning was, can the young olives get together and harmonize their voices and put out an ear captivating performance? This was a challenge to the children’s teachers and leaders. Teachers like Mrs. Esther Orina, Mrs. Evelyn Omwenga, Elder Samanya, Mrs. Matoya and others stepped up to the task to train.

If the question was whether the Young olives could sing in public, they had already done so on several occasions even complimenting the Church choir during the Church Choir’s annual concert in December 2017.


Suffice it to say that from the start, the Young Olives were ready and they brought their A game to the launch of their first DVD.  The Sabbath was well attended in that the church was full and even the periphery had members standing; the action packed Sabbath had the Sabbath school being led by the Children presenting what they had learnt from the Vacation Bible School.


Sabbath School


The Women ministries choir clad in traditional attire served during divine and prepared lunch for the church whereas the men served the happy church members with tea in the evening as members waited for the DVD launch.



The youth choir was the first on the stage and in harmonic choral voices absolutely outdid themselves by delivering two emphatic pieces full of vigor. The first song “Keep Holding On” reminded us to keep our heads up high, not despair or lose hope, only to trust and believe even if it doesn’t make sense! The second sweet harmonic ministered to us sayin that God is worthy to praised.


Then came the mighty church choir with leader Victor, Cephas and Steven leading in the rendition of the old Adventist classics “How Far From?” and “We Are Marching to Zion”


Hitting the heights

The wait was finally over, the Young Olives came on stage clad in beautiful red-black for boys and blue-black for girls attire.The young olives owned the stage and the beautifully designed well-lit stage with eye catching and calming lights embraced them with a love that’s been months in the making. The old church and their chapel which have heard the same songs from inception through countless practice sessions looked all too happy to witness their delivery.


Under the bright lights, overlayed red – white fabrics, well programmed color changing lights and in front of a plethora of phone cameras and a multitude of witnesses, the Young Olives did not disappoint. Instead, they built a head of steam and raised the bar going up song after song, attire after attire like someone singing the solfa notation and hitting the heights in crescendo. They majestically entered the stage from the left and their first performance was the song “Oh I love to Praise Him” that reminded us that the Lord is everything to us!


The second song that was a joint performance with the Youth Choir reminded us that without Jesus, we cannot make it on our own” the third was “Bussy Bug” that showed us to look forward to Zion, as working for the Lord, feeding the poor and hungry.

The Winner


When the Young Olives went on stage for the third and final time, they theoretically blew up the concrete slab over the chapel dismantling the steel web through a powerful invigorating song “I am a Winner” the first round made members stand to their feet, all excited, then they did the same song again, halfway the instruments went off and the young olives didn’t bother, they did acappella and when they came back on, it was a performance that I personally believe heaven looked down and appreciated! oh what I can I say about the winner song? If ever there was a time a group should have been translated and caught up and taken up to heaven in chariots of fire, it was then. That it did not come to pass can only mean heaven wants more of the same on earth a little longer.