Sunday, 11th February 2018

In a first, the 2018 Mt. Olives Church officers participated in a one-day training event held at Church on 11th February 2018 and drew members from all the church departments. The attendees were split into two groups with two facilitators stationed in the old church and the children’s chapel respectively.

In his speech, the First Elder, Vincent Zirimwabagabo appreciated the contributions made by the various departments in ensuring that the church progresses to another level. Due to the fact that the year had just begun and some departments hadn’t submitted the prerequisite work plans, this prompted the organizing of a training on how to develop work plans as well as budgets.


Elder Zirimwabagabo speaking during the training

Participants were trained in; Development of Vision, Mission, Objectives, Workplan and Budgeting. The seminar facilitators were Master Guide (MG) Esther Odora and MG Joshua Sabiti. Speaking after the training, MG Esther Odora said “The training focused on how to develop departmental work plans and budgets. We briefly shared about the stories of Creation and Redemption, and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem in Nehemiah 3 to lay down the purpose and importance of planning. We underscored the importance of ensuring that individual departmental work plans build into the overall mission of Mt.Olives, and the need to ensure that departments work together where cross-functional linkages exist. Together, participants developed draft missions and objectives for the departments that were present. The expectation is that the individual departments will fine tune the missions and objectives and go on to develop activities from each objective with clear timelines, measures of success, responsibility centres and budgets.”

On his part, MG Joshua said “The training was successful, participants were able to understand the process of developing work plans and budgeting through trying out concepts in groups. The expectation is that the officials will be able to draw up their work plans and budgets within a week so as to enable the Church start from an organized platform even for the years to come”

As part of the seminar, Elder Ziri reminded participants of the role of each church leader which is to achieve the mission of the church. He reminded members of the great things which the Lord has done for them from childhood to-date coupled with the education attained, that’s a privilege which no one can take away and therefore we owe the Lord.

Furthermore, the elder said he has hope in the education department this year in that parents and students need career guidance, graduates are in need of internship positions and therefore he has faith in what they will achieve this year.

This training will enable Mt. Olives Church have functional departments working towards realizing and achieving its mission. Furthermore, it will also make it easy for us as a church to measure how well we are progressing on achieving the set objectives.


Facilitators Esther and Joshua during the sessions

Speaking on behalf of participants in the training, Lydia Nakiyini said: “the training triggered people’s minds that they have to do something and not to hold titles, hence we had to think more!”

The church pastor appreciated members who attended the training among the participants were trainee pastors from Prime Institute of Applied Technology under the Central Uganda Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.