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Mount Olives Seventh-day Adventist Church, rooted in the Naalya community of Kampala, Uganda, stands as a testament to our faith's reach and impact. Officially recognized within the global network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, our location serves not just as a spiritual haven but also as a beacon of hope and community engagement.

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The Seventh-day Adventist Church originated from the Millerite movement in the 19th century, evolving after the Great Disappointment of 1844. Led by figures like Ellen G. White and Joseph Bates, it reinterpreted the event as the beginning of Christ's heavenly ministry. Founded officially in 1863, the church emphasizes Sabbath observance, health, education, and the imminent return of Christ. With millions of members globally, it's known for its humanitarian and missionary work, guided by the writings of Ellen G. White.

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Great Mentorship At Mt. Olives

"The best leaders are those who understand the power of collaboration and uplift others along the way."
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Join Us At Mt. Olives SDA Church For A

Deeper understanding of God

Discover how the Bible can guide you to love, freedom, and hope with Jesus Christ at the center of it all.

Daily Devotional Sermons from Mt. Olives Seventh-day Adventist Church

Daily Devotions

Engage in our daily devotions through uplifting texts filled with inspiration and wisdom. Join our community as we explore faith together, discovering the beauty of spiritual growth and connection.

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Audio Sermons from Mt. Olives Seventh-day Adventist Church

Audio Sermons

Get Blessed by our weekly audio sermons by our different wonderful speakers.Get blessed by our audio sermons from our respective preachers.Immerse yourself in our daily devotions featuring powerful audio sermons from our dedicated preachers. Join us as we journey together in faith, finding inspiration and blessings in our shared spiritual community.

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Video Sermons from Mt. Olives Seventh-day Adventist Church

Video Sermons

Embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with our daily video sermons. Let our dynamic preachers guide you through moments of reflection, inspiration, and deeper understanding of faith. Join our community as we explore the profound teachings that enrich our lives and strengthen our connection to God.

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Counselling & Guidance

Discover guidance and support through our pastor counseling services. Our compassionate and experienced pastors are here to provide a listening ear, wise counsel, and spiritual guidance tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're facing challenges, seeking clarity, or simply in need of encouragement, our pastors are dedicated to walking alongside you on your journey of faith. Reach out today to experience the comfort and assistance of our pastor counseling services.

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Empowering Youth: Thriving Through Faith and Fun!

Elevate your youth experience with our exciting array of activities! From dynamic workshops to engaging events, we offer a vibrant space for young minds to connect, grow, and thrive. Join us for enriching experiences that blend fun, friendship, and faith, empowering youth to explore their passions and deepen their spiritual journey. Unleash your potential and make lasting memories with our youth activities today!We dejoy working with discerning clients, people for whom qualuty, service, integrity & aesthetics.

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Embark on Your Baptism Journey: Guiding You Toward Spiritual Renewal

In our Baptism Pathway program, we offer a transformative journey towards spiritual renewal and commitment. Through a series of engaging sessions, personalized guidance, and reflective exercises, participants explore the significance of baptism and deepen their understanding of faith. Our experienced mentors provide support every step of the way, helping individuals discern their readiness for baptism and cultivate a deeper relationship with God. Whether you're exploring the Christian faith for the first time or seeking to reaffirm your commitment, our Baptism Pathway is designed to empower and inspire you on your spiritual journey. Join us as we embark together on this meaningful road to renewal and transformation.We dejoy working with discerning clients, people for whom qualuty, service, integrity & aesthetics.

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Message From Our Leaders

Dear Family and Friends, In these challenging times, we stand together in faith, drawing strength from our shared commitment to God and one another. Let us cling to the timeless truths of Scripture and support each other with love and compassion. As a community, may we continue to reflect Christ's light and bring hope to the world around us. With prayers and blessings.

Mt. Olives Seventh Day Adventist Church
Pastor Kiragga Christo SDA Church

Pr. Christo Kiragga

District And Church Pastor

People praying at Mt. Olives Seventh Day Adventist Church Uganda

Pray Without Seizing

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

This Sabbath's Theme!

Blessed Eyes And Ears

Blessed Eyes And Ears

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